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Although people are unique, there are some common questions asked by many...

What is a career counselor?

A Career Counselor is a professionally trained counselor who specializes in helping people make and carry out decisions and plans related to career/life issues. Professional Career Counselors have the skills and knowledge to assist with this process at all stages of one's life and career.

Career Counselors are not employment agencies or executive recruiters; they do not obtain jobs for people.

How long will career counseling take?

This is probably one of the toughest questions to answer because each individual is unique.  In general, the larger the goal, the longer career counseling takes.  For example, a resume review might take 1-3 session, but a career change could take 5+ sessions.  In any case, YOU decide how often you'd like to meet and how many sessions you'd like to have.  There are no contracts or minimum requirements.

Can I take an assessment that will tell me what career I should pursue?

Unfortunately, no assessment is going to tell you exactly which career to pursue.  Assessments can offer suggestions, insights and perspective, but not "the answer" to your career dilemma.  Don't forget that you are uniquely YOU, and thus no one knows yourself better than you...and who better to make decisions about your future?