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Unhappy in your job?

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Want something more than "just a job"?

Do you have a career path, but want a new environment?

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Are you an active participant in creating the career life you want to live?

KL Career Counseling

Feb 2019:  I am no longer in private practice.  For referrals, please see  Thank you.

Before I went to Kathy, I was at a total loss as to what I wanted to do with my life. I had been in a career for nearly 12 years, but it just was not fulfilling to me. I thought that there was no other field of work I could go as my skills and education were so specialized. After spending many weeks with Kathy, I realized that I had a great deal of transferable skills and hidden... 

Career counseling can help you uncover and discover who you are, where you are, and where you could be headed.  

People seek career counseling for a variety of reasons. They may have an important career decision to make, a desire for more meaning in their work life, or are trying to understand what is impeding them from finding success and satisfaction in their career. Others are looking for ways to improve their job search strategies and develop effective resumes and interview skills. Yet others may be satisfied in their current career, but are looking for ways to continually improve and advance or to find balance in their lives. Career counseling is one avenue towards exploring these issues, clarifying career goals, developing plans and taking action towards change.

I would like to help you understand both what you want from your career and how to get on the road to achieving it.  Career counseling is my passion, and I hope to help you find a career as fulfilling and satisfying as I find mine.